Plumbing & Cold Water Repair & Service 

Welfare facilities are a necessary health and safety requirement of most businesses; we can ensure you meet your authoritative obligations and ensure whoever your service is happy, be that your customers or staff. 

We specialise in the installation, repair, service and maintenance of an extensive range of plumbing systems, from standard commercial facilities to industrial and leisure facilities. Our breadth of knowledge and years of expertise ensure that your business remains at optimum operation, regardless of the size of your premises. 



Water Heater Repairs

We are highly experienced in many types of water heaters such as gas or electric, commercial, immersion and renewable energy heaters. We specialise in the diagnosis of any issues and providing a professional solution.  Hot water services are critical to many commercial organisations for processing and welfare purposes.



Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial water treatment reduces water costs and minimises disruption, ensuring production, process and infrastructure equipment runs at optimum. In an industrial environment, water processes use four primary sources: raw water, boiler feed, cooling tower and waste water treatment. 

We can carry out a comprehensive site water survey to evaluate what treatment processes you require and design a tailored schedule. This will help to cut maintenance expenses, improve operations and meet both environmental and regulatory obligations. 



Legionella Control 

Legionella bacteria is most commonly located in water systems and can multiply under certain temperatures and conditions. Exposure to legionella bacteria is potentially fatal and is carried by airborne water droplets. If you are a commercial business with a water system in place you are legally obligated to carry out water safety risk assessments, therefore you must control this exposure. 

There are different types of water systems in commercial businesses, and regardless of whether they are hot or cold water systems, the legionella bacteria can still be found. You must be aware of it, identify the levels of bacteria and control the growth and exposure. Luckily, we can appoint a highly experienced technician to carry out regular checks to inspect, clean and maintain your system. We can also advise upon further action if required, such as biocide treatments and other chemical controls.



Water Chlorination Certificate

Chlorine is a highly effective method of eliminating bacteria growth and the spread of viruses in water supplies; it has been used for years in many domestic and commercial environments. Water chlorination is specialist hygiene, and any organisation with operational water systems legally requires procedures to control and sanitise these systems.  A water chlorination certificate is required to ensure that the system conforms to BS8558 and local water authority requirements. 

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