Air Conditioning

Do you want to provide a climate-controlled environment for your audience or staff, allowing them to be in comfort all year round?

We are a leading Plumbing & HVAC company in Yorkshire, carrying out all aspects of work from design, installation, repair and maintenance. Using the most advanced technology and continually delivering up to date training to our already accomplished team of engineers, we keep up to date with innovation and technique. We can advise upon the most suitable system for your business, taking into consideration our client's needs, usage, budge and environmental factors. 

William Duce Ltd is fully accredited with REFCOM, CHAS and has recognised supplier partnerships with both Toshiba and Mitsubishi. 

Our commercial air conditioning services include: 

- Design, installation, repair and maintenance

- Climate control

- R22 Refrigerant replacement

- Variety of heating and cooling options

Split Air Conditioning Systems 

A VRV air conditioning system is a split system suitable for multiple rooms in a building; several indoor units feed off of one external unit. This type of system is recommended for large properties where several rooms need to be temperature controlled as it is more cost-effective and energy-efficient. 

We can offer design, installation, maintenance and breakdown cover for your air conditioning system. It is our priority to ensure that the investment in your equipment ensures you get a valuable return on your investment and that it has a positive impact on your business operations. During our design process, we will tailor a system to your individual needs. After installation, a service schedule can be arranged to ensure that your equipment is operating at optimum. Our team of engineers are available seven days a week to react to any breakdown situations that may occur, so you don't have to worry about any disruption within your operations.

Air Handling Unit, Coil & Filter Maintenance 

One of the most critical parts of an air conditioning system is the filter unit, and therefore it must be regularly maintained. Dirt and grime can quickly become built-up within the filter, restricting airflow and resulting in the unit not cooling down properly. It can also carry dirt somewhere else within the system and cause additional issues. 

Regular maintenance of the filters requires a specialist, as it involves the removal of the unit and specialist cleaning to improve, therefore or lower energy consumption significantly. There are two coils within an air conditioning system, an evaporator coil and a condenser coil. both work together to act as a heat exchanger. They are designed to transfer hot air and use refrigerant to cool the air and pump it into a building. Like most parts of the air conditioning unit, the build-up of dirt and grime is naturally expected and therefore requires maintenance. 


Heat Reclaim Units

Heat reclaim or heat recovery is low energy but highly efficient way to heat commercial buildings. it is a simple system designed to filter, fresh air and extract stagnant air. The heat recovery element saves money and energy by transferring heat that would be otherwise lost in to incoming airflow. We, therefore, recommend a heat recovery system as a cost-effective investment. 


Air Handling Units 

The central unit of an HVAC system is the air handling unit; It is crucial as it moves air around the ductwork. Like other critical features of an air conditioning system, obstructions can occur and restrict airflow. Regular maintenance is imperative. 

A clean filter will ensure that the coils remain clean. If there is a build-up on the coil, it will lose its ability to absorb heat because the dirt acts as an insulator, meaning that your equipment is not efficient and is consequently wasting energy and money. Coil and filter maintenance is an integral part of our service maintenance schedules. We build this into regular maintenance visits to ensure your system is always running at optimum and so that you can get the most benefit in terms of your investment. 

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